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Welcome to the Rountree Recreation 2023-2024 Swim team!

Get ready for Summer league. We are a year round team.

Come join our Swim team.

Practice is offered Mon. - Thursday. You come as you can. Practice cost is 100.00 per month. (swim meets are extra and vary depending on the meets)

 Swim Practice has begun! If your child in interested in joining our competitive swim team, call today!
We still need more kids.  This is a sport you can do all your life- not just watch others swim on TV after you are older.

Keep up with practice times and information on band - Rountree recreation swim team

Meeting topics:

    • We would like all swimmers to come to all meets as possible.

    • Relays: Need More Kids to do relays.

    • Practice times: Would like to see kids working harder and we are going to push harder.

    • Positive attitude: Come ready to work hard with a good attitude

  • Suits and gear

      •  Suits -Use a cheap suit to practice in
        FINS - You must provide your own SHORT Fins

      • goggles - please provide your child with at least 2 pairs of goggles - 1 needs to be sunshield or mirrored for outside.





  •  Our team is registered and I am a USA coach

  • winter meets 1 per month during school then summer is busy.

  • Parent etiquette Be nice to all swimmers – help when needed – watch what you say out loud.

    • Volunteer at meets – if needed at meets – do your part.

    • Distracting the swimmers during practice don't sit in the pool area and talk loud or talk to your child – they are mine while swimming. Try not to sideline coach – some things we may do different than you and may have a reason. Little kids will play while swimming. I will handle them.

    • Positive attitude towards all swimmers including other teams swimmers.

    • Clean up after children If your kids make a mess – please pick it up before leaving.

    • Submit all paperwork and registration on time. No late submissions will be accepted. I will try to have a sheet for meets, please pay when you sign up. OR send a new email, not an attachment, so I have them before deadline. – put MEET on top.

  • Team dues/team fees

    • $50.00 a year per family dues(helps cover team registrations ($350.00 per year) and USA coaches fees ($500.00 per year) and provided some equipment)

    • 25% off of monthly fees for each additional sibling.

      • Monthly fees

        • $100.00 for all swimmers

        • $135.00 first month for new swimmers joining swim team, $100. per month after first month.

  • Additional expenses

    • Meets

    • Suits

    • Goggles 2 pairs help. Write name on so they can be returned if left – some look alike.

    • Fins -Short fins -check your from last year for fitting. If too small -bring and sale to another child.

    • Towels

I will provide swim buoys and kick boards



We are getting the team ready for Summer. We will offer skills building and a speed development programs for swimmers and adults.


. We will continue passing information on band, but this page will have swim meet information for parents and swimmers.

All must pay by the 4th class in order to swim. must attend the group that they sign up for - we are trying to end the large practice groups, mixed skills and the 3 kids practice group. ALL must sign up for a time. No make-ups.

I hope all can continue as we try to improve the team and bring it up to a more USA team.

To receive information via our email list regarding swim team please email me at or check band under Rountree Recreation Swim Team. It is up dated weekly. Beginners are welcome and will learn to be skilled swimmers, but it is a long process. This is great for kids that are considering High school swim team - it is never too early to start getting ready - waiting to start at try-outs before HS. IS TOO LATE for most kids.

Please plan on 2 -4 practices a week during the school year, more during the summer.

We have a USA team and a summer league ( starts in March). We compete in meets against swim teams from surrounding counties. We will participate in local meets, Anniston AL and West Georgia Summer League Championships.

We are part of the West Ga. Summer Swim League.  If you are only looking at the summer league, I still recommend you join as early as possible to build skills. I prefer you join in March if possible to get ready before the season starts but will accept those with skills until May. The first meet for Summer League is the end of May.


The team is open to children 5-18 years old that can swim 25 yards on top of the water with their head down and 25 yards on their back.  Your child does not need to know all the strokes – they will be taught but please realize this is not lessons and are not taught individually. We will develop and build endurance in freestyle, back stroke, breast stroke, and butterfly as a child is ready.

Swim teams encourage individual growth, teamwork, discipline, and personal responsibility. Our team encourages all participants to set personal goals and achieve them. I enjoy watching a child working hard to achieve their own best times.

With that said we have a very strong young team with several participants who went to and won District 5 competition, then continued on to State. Come on out and join the fun with our team!!

Most USA meets are held on Saturday mornings and afternoons. There are a few Friday night meets. We will have a light meet schedule during the school year with a monthly meet offered. Get an early start with practice! Some meets even have parent’s swim events.


My name is Cheryl Rountree and I am the coach. I am a USA certified Swim coach with a level 2 certification. I am current with skills and requirements to compete in USA meets for 2021. My background check is good , Ath. Protection - 12/31/24, CPR-, First aid-, and Safety Training 3/12/24. I am a current Certified Pool Operator through 3/10/28 and had been current as a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor since 1978. I was a backstroker and butterfly swimmer in younger years. I love swimming and how it can keep a person physically fit through out life. This is an activity that a person will be thankful for being in later in life.

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