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Rountree Recreation has a variety of parties you can choose from to host your party.  You can choose our Indoor heated pool, our indoor fields for fun and games, or our Bounce house or NERF gun parties. 

Pool Parties

The pool, an old time favorite,has a diving board, a rope swing and toys.

The party is completely private with the exception of an employee to monitor the pool. 

We do expect parents to monitor their children for their safety. 

It also has a 40x30 foot party room.

It is a great choice if you want to play and have fun - great for all ages. People that choose to swim must follow the rules for swimming  (hair in pony tail,  braided or a cap, no hair gels, body oils or creams, no food in pool area and please bring your own towels and googles, must be in a swim suit- not street clothes) no confetti or glitter lose or in a balloon, dry off before going back into the party area.

A pool party has a minimum of 2 hours. Bring your own goggles and towels.

A 2 hour party is 225.00 and is for about 10 - 14 people in the water, the food and presents is saved for the last part of your scheduled party time.

A two and a half hour party is 275.00 and a 3 hour party is 320.00.
We do ask for a non-refundable deposit of $100 at the time of scheduling your party. 

For parties two and a half hours or longer, you may have up to 30 people in the water; you may also get out in the middle for food - all kids eat at one time, presents and then get back in or eat and do gifts at the last part of the party. For all pool parties you must be out of the pool by the last 15 minutes for drying off and changing clothes - this is not for eating again. The pool area is kept hot for the swimmers.

Field parties

Our indoor sports facility provides a great place for the little athlete in your family to play with friends.  Choose between our large 100X200 field with adjacent table area, or the smaller 50X100 field with its own table area. 

We have a large selection of basic sports stuff for the kids to play with; Dodge balls, soccer balls, flag football and things like that.  If you have anything specific you want, just ask if we have it.  Guests are welcome to bring whatever they want, we do not allow metal cleats or confetti. This area is not heated or aired except for fans and smaller heaters for the guest. times can be done either hourly or half hourly.

Pricing: Large field is $120.00 an hour and the small field is $65.00 an hour.

 Bounce house: New, we have a new bounce house you can add to your party. This bounce house is approx 25ft X 25ft and is a hit with children of all ages.  Jumpers must remove shoes before entering the bounce house.  WE set the bounce house up on whichever field you booked, so please plan accordingly.  To add this great party item to your event is just $75.00 for the entire duration of your party.

NERF Party

A few years ago we introduced a NERF gun package to add to parties. We are constantly taking feedback and adjusting how we run and operate these for maximum fun.

We have a variety of guns for the players to use including front loading revolvers, small single shot, and magazine rifles.  We also have Rival NERF guns (the ones that shoot the balls) but we do not recommend them for younger players as they do shoot at a higher velocity and could hurt younger players easier. 

We do have safety glasses as an option for your party, we do not enforce the wearing of them, as most younger children will wear them for a few seconds and throw them down. 

We provide all the guns, darts and safety equipment you should need, but people are welcome to bring their own as well. 

We offer new large inflatable paintball quality barricades. We do ask that the players NOT jump on these, move them around, kick or generally beat up on these. 

We ask that play stop within the last 5-10 minutes to begin cleaning up the NERF darts. 


Adding NERF guns to a party is the cost of the field rental, with an additional $130.00 dollars for the NERF stuff.


please call to schedule before paying deposit
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