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I am Cheryl Rountree

I love swimming and what swimming and water therapy can do for a person.

I have been involved in competitive swimming on and off since becoming age group swimmer with the Amateur Athletic Association. Although my favorite strokes are butterfly and back stroke, I swam breaststroke, freestyle, and backstroke at the Masters National Competition in May of 2010.

I have been coaching the Rountree Recreation swim team for 12 years. My other interest are sports, music and riding horses. When I was a child, I also played softball. I pitched ( not like girls do now) and played short field. I played trumpet in HS. and still kinda do and am learning the guitar. I grew up riding horses and still do if I can find time. The horse thing I passed on to my daughter Kimberly. I enjoy all water sports and physical challenges.

  I am certified as a USA Swim Coach and hold a level 2 certification under the American Swim Coaches Association. I have been teaching swimming since 1972 and first became a Red Cross certified water safety instructor in 1978. I had maintained my certification with an organization that is well structured and respected.  I also have my NSPC Certified Pool Operator license, Current Emergency First Responder, Red Cross First Aid, CPR. Swim Coaches and American Arthritis Association certification. I am a certified Open Water Scuba Diver (with PADI)  and hold an international Sail Boat license. In October of 2015, I earned enough hours driving large boats and took the courses and past all the tests to earn my Captains license with a tow endorsement.

I have enjoyed teaching swimming and water safety for a very long time.  This has been a love and a passion that I have had the honor of doing. I teach about 700 people per year with a large range of skills and fears. I am very good at teaching all levels and can accomplish a lot quickly due to a great deal of experience and knowing how to read kids. People also need to practice to learn so the kids STAY IN THE WATER during classes - not sitting on the walls. I recommend most to continue swimming to build on and reinforce the skills that they are learning.  I hope that I can encourage people to take swimming further than barely survival and learn to enjoy the benefits for a lifetime.

 I look forward to helping your child learn to enjoy all that the water and sports has to offer.

Family: Travis, my youngest child, was a student at Kennesaw State to become a high school chemistry teacher - is here helping to run the sports building and learn the business to take it over. This is a large place to run and a very hard job. My hat is off to Travis,  Way to go Travis!!

I have many grandchildren - my swim team and students that I have watch grow to adults, but none from my kids.

Motto : Practice beats talent when talent does not practice.  Please - Don't give up.



Travis Rountree

Field Manager

Travis Runs the indoor sports fields. 


Ronny Real

Volley Ball

Ronny run the volleyball court.  You can find out more about him and the Volley Ball program at his website

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