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Next swim lesson session begins July 22, 2024.

 Click here for the 2024 lesson schedule

The learn to swim sessions consist of 8 classes 45 minutes long and cost 145.00 for 2024. 

We are very good - no one sits on the side unless it is a safety issue.

Classes are usually 4-8 swimmers per class. You do need to pay when you schedule.

Please check the swim SCHEDULE for days and times.

My pool is indoors and heated to 86-88 degrees. The pool room is kept warm for the swimmers' comfort. A waiting room is offered that is comfortable for those that are not wet. Please help keep it clean by cleaning up after your children. Please come clean - NO body oils, hair gels/conditioners, Hair Caps help but need to be big enough to fit a persons head. Although I start teaching at 4 yrs old - PLEASE consider if your child is ready for lessons -maturity, height and following directions. I cannot refund to those not ready.

*Times are booked per session on a first-call-and-paid basis.

I ONLY make up classes cancelled due to inclement weather by me.  If the weather is unfavorable for swimming, I will call or post on the front page of this web site and cancel the classes or do a land safety class.


Why should my child take swimming lessons?
Taking swim lessons improves your child’s swimming ability, helps build a persons self-confidence, self-esteem and physical fitness. Good Swimming skills also takes practice and should be continued at least yearly until 12 years old. When a 4-5 or 6 year old only learns the basic skills and you do not continue, then when that child gets to be 9- 10 or older they are quite often embarrassed by their lack of skills or may do something that might get them hurt by not knowing their limits or safety rules for situations. Open water -lakes and rivers and unsupervised back yard pools - injure a lot of kids that do not know how to really swim more that 20-40 feet in a backyard pool or know real safety rules. A 5-6 year old should be able to swim 75 feet with head down and 75 feet on their back. A 7-10 year old child should be able to swim 50-100 yards without stopping or putting their feet down or being too tired. An 11 yr old should be comfortable swimming 200 yard swims with their heads in the water. I WILL get your child swimming correctly. It does take time.

When should my child take swimming lessons?

Although I start teaching kids at age 4, I recommend all children ages 5 and older to take swimming lessons annually until 12 years old or older. By age 6, most children have developed the muscles and coordination necessary to swim and bring arms out of the water while exhaling under the water and learning to side breathe. There is a lot involved in becoming a good swimmer. Lessons before this age are useful, but your child will likely forget skills that are not practiced. At different ages you should expect different skills dependent on the amount of time spent swimming - not just playing in the water.

Hi, I am Cheryl Rountree and I am glad to help you on a way to being safe in the water and a life time of a fun and a healthy activity. I taught the American Red Cross Swim programs and have been teaching for over 50 years. I learned from experience and offer a program that works and is fun for the child. Come watch and you will see that it works and is a very good value. I want kids to learn to swim correctly and hopefully stay with it until they are good.

Registering your child MUST be done in person or over the phone.  Completing payment does NOT register your child,

All swim lessons are now 145.00.

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