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We are open from 10AM till 5:30PM  Monday - Thursday, and open until 7 pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We will allow adults to come swim starting at 9AM for lap swimming or water exercises only.

non swimmers over 3yrs will be 2.00 to help offset cost of utilities.

Entrance fee is $8.00 per person ages 6-60 Children 3-5 and Seniors over 61 is $5.00 per swimmer. 

Passes - a 10 punch pass is 70.00 for the 6-60 age and 40.00 for the seniors and 3-5 year olds.

The small pool is 20x40ft with a depth of 2.5 to 4ft, perfect for younger children.

The large pool is 60x75 with a depth of 4.5 ft in the shallow end, and 8ft in the deep end.

Concession stand available

No outside food and drink permitted except water. 

Please wash any lotions, gels, oils or conditioners off before swimming.

Swimmers need to have long hair in a ponytail

No unattended children under 13.

No street clothes allowed in water.

No outside speakers or music players.

Help keep the pool clean by disposing of your trash in trash cans and following rules.

 We do NOT provide goggles, fins, masks, noodles, floats, towels or toys, but we do sell them.

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