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Welcome to Rountree Recreation

Thanks to everyone for all the support last year and all the years prior. I have enjoyed watching all the kids learn and developed their skills through practice and watching friendships grow. I am looking forward to meeting new friends and you also developing new friendships around the pool.


I can recommend Ronny with Real Volleyball as a great choice for those looking for another sport for their child. His web is and phone number is 404.451.4013.


Rountree Recreation is not responsible for activities inside or outside the indoor sports complex nor can we schedule activities.


WOW!!! POOL PARTIES - AVAILABLE !! Call and schedule your Fall and winter parties now. Have fun swimming and playing as though it is summer with your guest with the use of a private pool and party room.
You may bring your own food, cake, decorations and table cloths.

SWIM LESSONS FOR 2015 Indoors and heated

I am scheduling for Sept. 28 - Oct. 22. My classes are small -1 class at a time in the pool. I do 8 lesson sessions - not six. The cost is 100.00 per child for the first set of 8 classes and drops to 85.00 after the first set in this year. I look forward to helping your child (prefer 4 and older) how to swim. I am very good at teaching swimming.


Swim team will take new kids for our USA and summer teams in March 2016. I am offering a swim team prep or readiness classes this Fall. It is open to children 5-18 that can swim 1 length on their front and on their back. My Approval. Please contact me now if interested. 770.443.1187. I will be offering lap swim and conditioning classes Sept., Oct. and Nov. enjoy learning and grow stronger.


This is a 26 acre recreation facility located in Hiram .Georgia that is still growing.  The indoor heated pool allows private parties with the attached party room or swim lessons in an environment designed to teach kids to swim. Coaches and instructors are experienced and well qualified.

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